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“We see 30% increase in average order value cart size”
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“6.5% Conversion Rate + 10% more AOV and credit a ton of that to UPEZ.”
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“Best upsell app I've ever used!”
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“We're up 10% AOV. Pleasantly surprised!”

A full suite to create exceptional upselling offers that convert

Your customers will never miss a great offer from you again!

The UPEZ application feature on the Shopify platform enables upselling a product with a discount within the shopping cart.
The UPEZ application feature that allows for upselling and cross-selling with discounts within the shopping cart.
The UPEZ application feature on the Shopify platform enables upselling a product with a discount within the shopping cart.
The UPEZ application feature enables incentivizing customers within the shopping cart to subscribe a specific product to their purchase with the possibility of obtaining a discount.
The UPEZ application feature that allows customers to save money by purchasing product bundles on the product page at a discounted price.

We don’t do plain old product recommendation.
We will help you create OFFERS that will boost your sales like a shopping mall on a Black Friday

Other cart solutions
with only product recommendation

The appearance of applications that are competitors to the UPEZ application.

Customers don’t have a reason to buy more.

There’re no reason why your customers should shop for more items. If they really want these items, they could come back later. But let's admit it, they never do.

UPEZ upsell
with shopping incentives

The Shopify upsell application - UPEZ. The image demonstrates that the application focuses on enticing customers through discounts.

Customers feel like they've struck gold with awesome savings

With UPEZ upsell incentives, the customers have the URGE to shop more. Why? Because they will lose these incentives on their second visit.

Only 7 days to transform your store!

Here are the steps:


We analyze your past orders to create compelling offers that customers can't resist.

UPEZ team will study your customer’s buying habits and create a variety of package deals and shopping incentives for big orders.

No hacky draft order or temporary discount

Use Shopify’s native discounts

Unlock NEW ✨ discount types that you didn't know were possible

The UPEZ application interface that displays how the flow of the application is configured and operates. (Shopify App)

Build the offers directly into your customer's shopping cart!

We will build out your cart to show the offers, in more than 8 different ways, whenever there's an opportunity for your customers to earn a bonus.

The shopping cart on the Shopify store created using UPEZ, highlighting the features of the application.

Feel the rush of an AOV boost

Once you see the results, you'll never want to go back to the old ways.

The statistics from the UPEZ application showcasing the increase in average order value for the Shopify store.
UPEZ starts as low as $99 a month

After 7 Days, Your Bottom Line Will Grow By 20%. Or You Don’t Pay.

If you are unhappy with UPEZ or fail to get a significant ROI on our software, you can get refund the full amount for any reason within the first 30 days.

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Need help with upselling?

Download Upselling Success Blueprint:
7 Ways To Make Your Customers Buy More

Learn when and what upsell strategy to use.

Steal upsell strategies from successful 7-8 figure DTC brands like:

Wait, there's more:

You will have a cart that looks and feels like an extension of your brand.

From the colors to the font to the layout, everything will be designed with your business in mind.

How is UPEZ different to other cart apps?

Short answer?
We deliver results.
We don't settle for boring, generic product recommendations.
We go above and beyond by creating tailored, irresistible offers.

Long answer? 👇

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Other cart apps
Custom On-brand Cart Theme
Have a design of your own?
We make sure your design come to life
Sometimes. But with limited layout structure or customization
In-cart Upsells with Incentives
Custom automatic discount creation
Rewards Driven Progress Bar
Fit for all use cases
Sometimes. But may be limited to simple use cases

Upsell to Product Subscription (Coming soon)

Upsell to Product Subscription

Upsell to Product Subscription

Auto Product Suggestion

Auto Product Suggestion

Auto Product Suggestion

Support straight from CEO & Team

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